How To Do Lazy Daisy Stitch

  • Bring needle up at point A, pull the thread all the way to the front and re-insert in the same spot (photo one).

  • Pull the thread to the back, leaving a loop (photo two).

  • Bring the needle up at point B, catching it through the loop, and pull it all the way through to front  (photo three) - be careful not to pull too tight or you will ruin the shape of the “leaf”.

  • Insert your needle just above point B, so the stitch you’re making encases the top of the loop  (photo  four).

  • Pull thread all the way to the back and you’ve made a lazy daisy stitch.

  • These can either be used on their own (called a detached lazy daisy), or in a pair to make leaves that are good for borders (photo  five), or by making many of them in a circle to form a flower (photo  six). Fora flower or leaves, start each lazy daisy from the same central point.

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