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How to do Brick Stitch - hand embroidery tutorial

I loooove brick stitch! It has become one of my favourite stitches to fill in spaces with a lovely, textured block of stitching. So far I've used it in my Spring Bouquet and Ouroboros Snake and Flowers embroidery designs, but I feel like it will pop up in more kits/patterns in the future!

Here's how you do it!

Step one: Create a line of back stitch. I like to start in the middle of the section I am filling as this helps me keep the stitches straight and evenly spaced. I also like to keep the stitches fairly long.

Step two: Create another line of back stitch, however this time you will offset them from the first line. So bring your needle up halfway along one of the stitches in your previous row, then go back down halfway along the next stitch along.

Keep your stitches the same length, apart from any filling small gaps at the top/bottom of a row.

Step three: Repeat step two, making sure you are always offsetting your stitches and keeping them the same length.

Handy hints:

I like to use 4-6 strands for brick stitch as I find the thickness really helps make the brick pattern stand out and I love the texture it creates.

Playing around with stitch length and the number of strands you use will create different textures and looks.



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