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How To Do Whipped Back Stitch

Whipped back stitch gives the smoothest lines! It turns singular back stitches into a seamless looking, smooth line. I use it a lot for outlining or flower stems. Also - back stitch looking a little wonky? Whip it!

Here's how ya do it!

  • Follow the instructions for Back Stitch and make a line of the desired length (photo one).

  • Bring needle back up at the top of the last back stitch (photo two).

  • Without going through the fabric, insert your needle through the nearest back stitch from right to left (photo three).  

  • Move down a stitch and insert your needle from right to left (photo four).

TIP: You can go through the stitches left to right, but you always need to go in the same direction, so be consistent.

  • Continue along all of the stitches, “whipping” them in the same way

  • When you’ve reached the end, insert your needle as close as possible to the bottom of the line and secure at the back.

  • Photo seven shows a completed line of Whipped Back Stitch.

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