How To Do Weaving Stitch

  • Bring needle up at point A and re-insert at point B, making one long stitch (photo one).

  • Repeat this, leaving1-2mm between stitches, until the area you want to cover is filled with vertical stitches (photo two). You need to finish with an odd number of vertical stitches.

  • Come up at point C and weave your needle under and over each of the vertical stitches (photo three). I find this is easier to do with by switching to a blunt needle.

  • Insert your needle at the end of the row (point D) (photo four) and pull to the back.

  • Bring your needle back up just below, then once again weave through the vertical stitches, making sure you alternate which vertical stitches you go under and over with the row above (photo five).

  • Repeat until you have filled all the space (photo six).

  • TIP: if the woven thread goes out of line, push it back in place with the blunt end of your needle.

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