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How To Do Woven Wheel Stitch

Woven wheel is one of my favourite stitches to do, and is perfect to make little roses and flowers. When the wheel is getting full, be careful not to pull on it too fast to make sure you're in control of the shape.

Here's how ya do it!

  1. Create a star out of five straight stitches (photo one), making sure you start with the needle on the outside (points A, B, C, D & E), re-inserting it in to the middle each time (point F). Make sure the stitches are as even in length as possible. There should always be an odd number of stitches to make up the star, usually five, but more for bigger wheels.

  2. Once your star is done, bring your needle up between any two of the straight stitches, close to the centre (photo two) and pull the thread all the way through to the front.

  3. Weave your thread over and under the straight stitches without going through the fabric: go over stitch A then under stitch B (photo three), over stitch C and under stitch D (photo four), over stitch E and under stitch A (photo five).

  4. Keep repeating this until the wheel is full

  5. Insert your needle close to the wheel (photo seven), pull thread to the back and fasten off. Finished! (photo eight)



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