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Hand embroider your very Norfolk dialect! This folk art inspired design features bright flowers, mushrooms and text in 10 vibrant colours.


This embroidery is a collab with the wonderful Beau Brannick who you should check out if you haven't already! It's based on a sign in North Norfolk (see photos) and Beau has done an amazing job of illustrating a design for me inspired by my home county.


‘Slow You Down’ is a phrase I’ve heard all my life living in Norfolk - it’s a local saying usually seen on road signs or hollered when you’re running too fast as a kid but I think it’s a great message for life. It’s so important to take time out for slow, mindful living and activities. Embroidery really provides a slower pace for me when my brain is racing so this seemed really fitting ♥️

This kit is a great way to learn hand embroidery or brush up on your skills. It includes everything you need to recreate this design and will teach you 7 different embroidery stitches in 10 colours.


The finished design measures 6 inches.


  • Cotton fabric pre-printed with embroidery pattern ready to stitch as photographed. Please note the ink is permanent and is designed to be fully covered with stitching.
  • 6" wooden Elbesee embroidery hoop made from FSC-certified beech
  • Heat erasable pen (if added on at checkout)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery threads 9 different colours. These are high-quality DMC threads. The kit includes enough thread to finish plus a little extra, as well as the colour codes for future use
  • Full instructions (written in English) including colour guide and stitch guide
  • Pattern to trace onto fabric if you want to make more of this design in the future
  • No plastic packaging!

You will just need some scissors - everything else is supplied!

Slow You Down Embroidery Kit

  • You can now choose between ordering the full embroidery kit, the fabric panel only (this has the design printed on it ready to stitch over), or the fabric panel and a printed embroidery guide that will tell you what embroidery stitches and colours make up the design as it's seen in my photos.