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Always losing colours when working on a project? Getting in a tangle? Wish you could easily organise the colours you're using and keep 'em in one place? I got you!


This bobbin holder features an easy to open and re-close ring that holds more bobbins than you'll ever need for one project. It arrives with 10 bobbins ready to be filled with thread, in a variety of pink, green, translucent and solid white. (Colours will be selected at random but I aim to provide a good variety).


I've used my bobbin holder ever since I put the first one together and it makes life so much easier! If you're as messy as I am, then trust me - anything helps 😅


Colours will be selected at random. Please note, bobbins arrive empty and not with embroidery floss on as pictured!

Embroidery Bobbin Holder - Including 10 Bobbins