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Want to see something magic? The ink from these pens DISAPPEARS with heat! That means you can trace or draw your pattern onto fabric, stitch away then hit it with a hairdryer and BAM no more lines!


If you choose to use an iron to erase the ink, pop your embroidery face down onto a soft towel first so you don't flatten the threads. If you choose to use a washing machine, check your embroidery threads are colourfast and won't run in the wash.


  • Heat erasable marking pens for drawing/tracing patterns onto fabric or quilting
  • Friction based rubber on each pen for use when erasing on paper.
  • Ink is removed with any sustained heat e.g. iron, hair-dryer or washing machine.
  • Comfy finger grip on each pen.

M&G iErase II - Heat and Friction Erasable Pen, 7mm Fine Point