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Can you take embroidery scissors and needles on your the plane?

If you're jetting off on your summer hols and wondering whether you can take your embroidery scissors or needles with you on your flight, then this answer is YES! Read on for my top tips to travel with your embroidery or cross-stitch project.

Embroidery is such a portable hobby - I love to take mine with me everywhere. I've not only taken projects with me to the beer garden, park, the beach and to travel across the UK but also on flights from the UK to the US and across Europe.

Here's what to keep in mind:

Scissors need to have blades under 6cm to go in your hand luggage.

I always take my pair of these rose gold mini scissors by hemline but any embroidery scissors should be fine because the blades are usually small enough. Do double check though!

Even though I've never had a problem, I always take a back up! I pop a pair of nail clippers in my hand luggage too.

These work great for snipping off thread in a pinch, so if you do have your scissors confiscated, you'll have something to use.

My favourite embroidery scissors are these colourful storks as they're pretty and super sharp, but I'm always cautious that I'll lose them or have them taken from me so I always take the mini scissors above just to be safe.

Make your life easier and pre-cut your threads!

If, like me, you're flying budget, this can make stitching on the plane so much easier! I like to pre-cut a few lengths of each colour and use a thread bobbin keyring to keep them organised and tidy. No trying to stretch your arms out in your tiny Ryanair seat!

What about needles?

The only problem I've ever had with needles when flying is losing them! I always take way more than I need, so if I drop one on the flight, I'm not stuck without one or crawling around on the floor, annoying the other passengers trying to find it. The John James Needle Pebble is great for travelling!

Needles are also inexpensive so if you do get them confiscated for some unbeknownst reason, it isn't going to break the bank and shops like Boots at the airport will usually sell a travel sewing set so you can grab some more once you're through security!

I also always take a magnetic needle minder with me to minimise the risk of dropped needles. I've never had a problem getting them through the gates as even though they're mighty, they're not magnetic enough to interfere with a flight!

It's essentially a fridge magnet anyway, and people bring them on planes as souvenirs all the time!

Keep the germs at bay

If, like me, you always pop your thread in your mouth ready to thread your needle, you might want to reconsider on a germ-filled plane, especially if you choose or are required to wear a mask!

This is where thread gloss comes in handy! Instead of needing to wet your floss, you can glide across some wax to make it easier to thread - it also helps condition your thread making it easier to sew with! I am working on my own brand of thread wax, but for now, I really recommend Thread Joy's range of products.

Keep it organised

The only other thing that you need to consider is keeping your embroidery bits and pieces together! Grab yourself a project bag to keep your project, needles, scissors and thread in.

This will not only help keep your hand luggage organised, but it will also help you take your project out and about with you when you're on holiday!

I've sold out of my drawstring project bags, but I will be adding some Pixels & Purls accessory pouches to my website soon!

It's always worth double-checking with your airline before you go just to make sure rules haven't changed! Most airports and airlines will have an FAQ section on their website that will tell you what you can and can't take!

And if you need a new project before you depart, don't forget to check out my embroidery kits for a fuss-free stitchy set ready to chuck in your hand luggage!


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