This is one of my favourite designs yet! Designed by the talented Joe Fear Illustration and translated into embroidery by me, this kit is a "choose your own adventure" pattern. You will be provided with fabric printed with the water lines and leg outline, the rest is up to you! So add hair if you like, toe nail polish, muscle tone... You do you!


Featuring lots of blues on white fabric, this striking design is the perfect way to celebrate your body - hairy or not - whilst practicing some stitches. This listing is for a physical embroidery kit that is suitable for beginners. It features a variety of different techniques that are all achievable for complete novices or good practice for those with some sewing skills under their belt already. The finished design measures 6 inches.




• White fabric with pre-printed with embroidery pattern ready to stitch as photographed. Finished design is 6", fabric measures approximately 9.5"x11".

• 6" wooden embroidery hoop

• Embroidery needle

• Embroidery threads 9 different colours. These are high quality DMC threads. The kit includes enough thread to finish plus a little extra, as well as the DMC colour codes for future use

• Full instructions (written in English) including colour guide and stitch guide

• Pattern to trace on to fabric if you want to make more than one of this design in the future

• No plastic packaging


!You will just need some scissors - everything else is supplied!

Bath Legs Embroidery Kit