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Get spooky this halloween with my new embroidery kit! 👻👻👻


Not only is it cute AF (if I do say so myself), it's GLOW IN THE DARK, and can be stitched up by a total beginner 🪡 🧵Have a look at the photos to see what happen when the lights go out!


AND the design is printed on to the fabric so no faffing around tracing or transfering - hooray!


This listing is for a physical embroidery kit that is suitable for beginners. It features a variety of different techniques that are all achievable for complete novices or good practice for those with some sewing skills under their belt already. You can also complete this hoop in only back stitch if you prefer.


Please note: if your finished embroidery isn't glowing in the dark as much as you'd like, leave it in the sun for 10 minutes to charge up. (No I didnt know charging up glow in the dark stuff with the sun was a thing either!)


The finished design measures 6 inches.



  • Black cotton fabric pre-printed with embroidery pattern ready to stitch as photographed. Please note the ink is permanent and is designed to be fully covered with stitching.
  • 6" wooden Elbesee embroidery hoop made from FSC-certified beech
  • Embroidery needle
  • Glow in the dark thread
  • Full instructions (written in English) including colour guide and stitch guide
  • Pattern to trace onto fabric if you want to make more of this design in the future
  • No plastic packaging!

You will just need some scissors - everything else is supplied!

Ghosties Halloween Embroidery Kit

  •  You can now choose between ordering the full embroidery kit, the fabric panel only (this has the design printed on it ready to stitch over), or the fabric panel and a printed embroidery guide that will tell you what embroidery stitches and colours make up the design as it's seen in my photos.