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Introducing my Stitch Your Clothes Embroidery Kits! Perfect if you fancy upcycling your clothes with some embroidery and adding a personalised touch to your wardrobe.


These stick-and-stitch floral patches have been designed specifically with embellishing your clothes in mind - they are thoughtfully sized to fit a number of garments and have been tried and tested to make sure the options for embroidering are limitless!


Choose from a full embroidery kit (details below), just the stick and stitch patches or the patches and full instructions on how to successfully embroider your clothes 🪡


Each kit will contain:


🌸 8 stick and stitch patches made up of 6 designs (you’ll get two of the ones that work symmetrically). These are soluble patches that you stick on your garment, embroider over them and then soak them away leaving no trace - magic!

🌸 Full instructions on how to successfully stitch your clothes, including embroidery stitch guides

🌸 Iron-on interfacing to back your embroideries and stop the threads annoying your skin

🌸 Tailors chalk so you can measure and mark where you want to place the designs (useful if you have no natural eye for straight lines like me!)

🌸 A 4” embroidery hoop 

🌸 The option to add on an 8-skein colour palette if you like the colours I’ve used


I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Stitch Your Clothes Embroidery Kit