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Granitos Stitch: how to create perfect embroidered petals

Easy peasy embroidery tutorial incoming! If you want to create super quick, simple flower petals that look flawless every time, keep reading ⬇

I had never even heard of this stitch until a few months ago when I was flicking through my faithful (and v old) embroidery stitch book but I am so glad I found it! It's now included in my newest embroidery kit designs - Love Who You Love and Summer Bouquet ❤️

It is honestly SO easy and quick, and it makes the sweetest little petals, I’m obsessed 🌸


Step one: Bring needle up at the tip of the petal and go back down at the base creating a straight line. We will always bring our needle up and down using these two holes.

Step two: Bring needle up again at the tip of the petal, going through the same hole. Go back down at the base, into the same hole as step one. This time, pull the thread slightly to the right as it lays - I use my fingernail to manipulate where the thread ‘lands’.

Step three: Bring needle up again at the tip of the petal - remember, we are always going through the same holes as step 1. Go back down at the base. Pull the thread slightly to the left side as it lays.

Repeat steps two and three until petal is full, alternating which side you place the thread.


That's it! So quick and simple and makes perfect little petals within minutes - ideal!

Happy stitching!



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