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How To Do French Knots

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Warning: french knots take patience and practice! They are one of the most useful stitches to know though! Want to dot an i? You got it! Want to add a pupil to an eye? Done! Want to pop a dot in, fill in a space with texture or create flower buds? Check, check and check!

Here's how ya do it!

  1. Bring your needle up in the spot you want your French Knot to go and pull the thread all the way through to the front.

  2. Wrap your working thread around the needle, close to the tip (photo one). A standard French Knot will be wrapped twice, but you can adjust the number of wraps to make the knot bigger or smaller.

  3. Keeping your working thread taut and the wraps on the needle, re-insert your needle just next to where your needle came up (photo two).

  4. Keeping it taut, use the working thread to pull the wrapped thread down so it sits on the fabric.

  5. Push your needle through and pull thread all the way to the back of your work.



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