How To Do Split Stitch

Split stitch is great for outlining or filling in small parts of a pattern with a textured stitch. I would recommend using an even number of threads to keep it looking nice and neat, and watching your stitch sizes for consistency.

Here's how ya do it:

  • Bring needle up at point A and re-insert at point B, pulling the thread all the way through to the back, making one stitch (photo one).

  • Bring needle up at point C (photo two) (in the middle of the stitch you just made) and then down at point D (photo three) pulling the thread all the way through to the back.

  • Photo Four shows the first completed split stitch.

  • To continue, bring the needle up at point E, in the middle of the second stitch (photo five) then down again at point F (photo six).

  • Repeat these steps until the desired length has been reached.


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