How To Make Embroidery Jewellery

Embroidered jeweller is so cute and fun - here's how to make it! I recently launched a range of DIY embroidered jewellery kits that feature a 3-piece pendant setting that's different to the normal mini hoops. Here's how to put them together!

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Subtitles are available - just hit the little cog and turn them on.


  • Pop your fabric in the hoop, making sure it’s nice and taut.

  • Grab your soluble transfer and cut around the blue line.

  • Stick the transfer on to your fabric. Do a quick running stitch around the edge to secure it (this is optional but helps!)

  • Embroider your necklace/brooch as per the embroidery guide.

  • When you’re done, remove the fabric from the hoop and cut around the red line (going through the fabric and transfer)

  • Soak your embroidery in lukewarm water for 15 minutes. Give it a rinse under a tap to make sure all the transfer has gone.

  • Gently roll it in a clean towel to remove any excess water and then leave to dry flat.

  • Repeat steps 5 and 6 if the transfer paper hasn’t completely gone or it has left any residue behind.

  • When it’s dry and you’re satisfied, use the black perle thread to do a running stitch close to the edge of the piece. Keep stitches around 3-4mm long. Do not secure or cut the thread yet.

  • Grab the middle section of your jewellery setting and pop it behind your embroidery. Pull your stitches tight like a drawstring so the fabric closes around the middle setting piece.

  • Stitch up the fabric so it is really secure - just do lots of random stitches across the back in all directions!

  • Pop the front and back of the jewellery setting around the middle piece and push the little tabs on the front piece down to secure - either use pliers or scissors (carefully)!

  • If you’re making a necklace, pop the chain through and you’re done!

Happy stitching!